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About us

Centre for Danish and Integration, CDI, is a public institution under Køge Municipality. CDI offers language instruction in Danish as a second and foreign language. Also, CDI is responsible for integration and social housing endeavours in Køge Municipality in close cooperation with Stevns Municipality.

Courses in Danish

At the moment, 500 students are attending Danish language courses at the different Danish Language Programmes. At CDI, the development of language proficiency is further enhanced through integration in society, which had earned CDI the Annual Education Award of 2014. Language proficiency is, hence, cemented by means of active social participation in authentic social contexts. 

Integration and the Social Housing Sector

Centre for Danish and Integration oversees integration in the local community and houses the secretariat for Køge municipality’s Integration Council. Also, CDI actively coordinates social housing projects and development efforts.  

Work at CDI

Unsolicited application letters can be sent to . You can also visit Køge Municipality’s website and find current vacancies.  

Contact us

Board members
Administration and Management
Reception and Integration Unit 

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