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Learn Danish

Centre for Danish and Integration offers Danish courses tailored to meet the needs of all foreign nationals, regardless of educational background and duration of residence in Denmark.

In day classes, CDI offers 12 weekly lessons evenly distributed among three sessions from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. CDI also offers evening classes Monday/Tuesday and Thursday 5:00 pm to 7:35 pm. The duration of a Danish Language Programme is approximately 2 to 2.5 years.

Danish Language Programmes

The three Danish Language Programmes are designed to provide students with the necessary language proficiency to work, take an education and, more generally, to live successfully as a citizen in Denmark.

In addition to the four basic language skills of listening comprehension, writing, reading and speaking, the Danish Language Programmes (danskuddannelse, or simply DU) provide students with knowledge and insight into Danish culture and society, the Danish labour market and the educational system.

Here is a general presentation of the three Danish Language Programmes:

Danish Programme 1

Danish Programme 1 is for students who have not learnt to read and write in their native language or are unfamiliar with the Latin alphabet. Students with reading difficulties should also attend Danish Programme 1. The purpose is to provide students with basic language skills, to acquire knowledge of Danish society and to be able to function as a citizen. Danish Education 1 is concluded with Danish Programme 1 Examination (PD1). 

Danish Programme 2

Danish Programme 2 is for students with a few years of schooling in their native countries. The purpose of Danish Programme 2 is to enable students to function as an active citizen and to work or study in Denmark. 
Danish Programme 2 is concluded with Danish 2 Programme Examination (PD2).

Danish Programme 3

Danish Programme 3 is for students with a minimum of 12 years of schooling, who possibly speak one or more foreign languages besides first language. Students of Danish Programme 3 are expected to be relatively quick learners of Danish as a second language. The purpose of Danish Programme 3 is to be able to function as an active citizen and to work or study a higher education in Denmark. 

Danish Education 3 is concluded with Danish Programme 3 examination (PD3).

Module 6 of Danish Programme 3 is 'Studieprøven' - the Danish Language Proficiency Test, which is the required language level for higher education in Denmark.

For more information about Danish 1, 2 og 3

See the website of the Ministry of Education

To find a suitable Danish Language Programme, call CDI and book a meeting with one of our competent consultants.

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